Collective SVN report


  • Plone
  • r45701 ExternalFile -ExternalFile is a simple product which subclasses ATFile to use ExternalStorage.
  • r45707 PloneHelpCenter - Merge aclark-ploneorgtrunk-r32754 -r :45705
  • r45735 eXtremeManagement - Merged branches/mvr-remove-xmtool that basically removes tools/ and introduces a simple
  • r45907 slideshowfolder - creating new branch for event notification refactoring
  • r45907 ATBlobField
  • r45975 PrivacyRegistrationTool - パスワードの管理を強化するツール
  • 46004 ATOdeoAudio - Archetypes based product that adds a new content type to mantain references to audio files stored in into a Plone site.
  • r46007 ATGoogleVideo
  • r46008 TagCloud -  サイト全体にtag cloud