Collective SVN report


  • Plone
  • r49296 FlickrAlbum
  • r49398 FCKEditor plone 3 integration
  • r49412 Quills removed the old style properties and sharing tabs from the Weblog and WeblogEntry types in GS
  • r49458 Quills - removed LinguaPlone imports, as we're not supporting LP currently anyway. (LP support will be re-introduced with Quills 2.0 aka QuillsEnabled)
  • r49661 CMFSin 0.7
  • r49673 PloneSoftwareCenter GS
  • r49744 ExpertsPool - ExpertsPool is a Container where special Members named Experts can write categorized articles.
  • r49769 PloneHelpCenter - first draft of a generic setup profile
  • r49965 - getting rid of calling the trackback macro, as we are not supporting trackbacks currently ''at all''.
  • r49980 NavigationRootFolder