Collective SVN report


  • Plone
  • r47098 CompositePack - Created a branch for a Plone 3 compatible version.
  • r47111 plonehrm.notes - A plonehrm extension module to add note to an employee.
  • r47270 LoginLockout - This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin will lock a login after a pretermined number of inncorrect attemps.
  • r47274 PasswordStrength - This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin validates passwords against regular expression rules. These rules can ensure a passwords strength such as minimum lenth and required characthers.
  • r47375 iqpp/commenting - A package which provides components to comment arbitrary objects.
  • r47481 SearchReferenceWidget - An AJAX AT field for references. Useful for large numbers of targets.
  • r47601 quills.core - Large-scale changes to make it easier to implement the new QuillsEnabled product.
  • r47618 BiDirectonField - Implements BiDirectional/Unidirectional references in Archetypes.
  • r47489 FasterBackend -  Faster Backend speeds up Plone for logged-in users.