Plone-3.0 svn report

  • Plone
  • r14495 2.5.3rc1
  • getToolByNameへ戻す動きが続く
  • r14158 Products.CMFPlone.utils.BrowserView has been deprectaed.
  • r14532 testfixture profile
  • r14534 Switched to the simple_publication_workflow as the default workflow.
  • r14548 plone_tamplatesの一部がに移動
  • r14550 Make Limi happy and enable presentation mode for the front-page.
  • r14556 Separated the Editor role into Editor and Contributor.
  • r14566 Updated Intranet workflow
  • r14738 Merge az-5887-cmfplone-search-users-fix branch.
  • r14767 First bunch of files for a viewlet manager which looks up the viewlet order and visiblity on a persistent local utility.
  • r14779 Tag 3.0-beta2