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飲み会で飲んだ人4500円で飲まなかった人はいくらにするとかやりだすと電卓ではめんどくさいので簡易計算ツールを作った。 - GitLabでデモを動かしてある。



ディプロマシーの外交フェイズの時間を計測するために作ったタイマー。 アプリもいろいろあったんだが残り時間の読み上げとできるだけ簡易な設定で動くということを考えるとぴったりのものがなくて自作することにした。 アプリで作るのは面倒だったのでHTML5で作った。いまや音声読み上げAPIとかあるんだなあ。 汎用的なタイマー設定は削って自分がボードゲームをするときに必要なことだけに機能をしぼった。

Not Active Works


Very old style mini game (2-players). It is a very old style mini game. I made it to practice for GTK-3 programming. Hava a fun!


Tryton is free ERP software. I am Japanese Translation committer.

Haskell SKK Server


    What is?


    How to use


    What is?

    hskkserv is SKK Server implemented in Haskell. This soft is for Japanese native speakers, so I will not write details in English.

    How to use

    Use with inetd (, xinetd, daemontool, or etc.)


It is a tiny Wiki Engine, only 6 lines. (Maybe not working on recent ruby)

E=ENV;U="http://"+E['HTTP_HOST']+E['SCRIPT_NAME'];require 'cgi';M='v';T='t/';S=<br>'w';V="?v=v;w=";F='e';N=" ";"html4");C=G[M][0];P=(G[S][0]or'WiKi');(<br>C==S)?(open(T+P,S)&lt;&lt;G[T][0];G.out({'Location'=&gt;U+V+P}){N}):(t=CGI::escapeHTML(<br>File.exist?(T+P)?open(T+P).read: (C=F;N));G.out{G.html{(C==F ? P+N+G.form(<br>'post',U){G.textarea(T){t}+G.hidden(M,S)+G.hidden(S,P)+G.submit}:(P+N+G.a(U+"?<br>v=e;w="+P){F}+G.pre{t.gsub(/\b(([A-Z][a-z]+){2,})\b/x){G.a(U+V+$1){$1}}}))}})


gtk2ipmsg is IP Messenger client for gtk+2. gtk2ipmsg’s is based on gtkipmsg and x11ipmsg.

I have finished to develop gtk2ipmsg. If you need to use IPMessenger in GTK(Gnome) environment, I recommend using

What is IP Messenger?

Original IP Messenger is instant messaging client for Windows™ environment. You could get more information from


PRCS2Git is migration tool for PRCS to Git.

What is?

PRCS has not been update for over 7 years. Maybe, there are not so many PRCS users. But this tool is useful for a few users.

How to use
$ project

"project" is PRCS project name. PRCS2Git exports new Git repository at /tmp/prcs2git/export/project.

Python livedoor Auth

This library is implementation of livedoor Auth ( API in Python.


AsWiki is Wiki Engine that written in Ruby. AsWiki uses "Amrita" template engine.


AsWiki2 is reimplementation of AsWiki with Ruby On Rails.


python-kconv is "Kanji code" converter library written in python.

This library is covert japanese character encodings, JIS, SJIS, EUC and UNICODE, from and to. Also encoding schema is chosen by explicit order or auto detection.

Original library is developped by Mr. Karasawa. I have taken over development from him.

I suggest japanese-codecs instead of this library. Since this libary does not allow python’s unicode semantics. But I will support this library while someone using.

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